Full marks for hygiene!

Food hygeine rating - Thyme Out deli
We are pretty chuffed this week as after receiving an unannounced inspection from the Food Standards Agency, we have been awarded a 5 star rating!

You’ll probably have seen the Food Standards Agency rating signs at the door of restaurants and food establishments. Here’s a pic of our (5 star!!) sign:

Businesses that serve or prepare food for the general public can be subject to a hygiene inspection at any time. The hygiene inspector can turn up any day at any time without prior warning, and looks at several aspects of how the food is prepared, including preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage, along with the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities the establishment has in place.

Whilst happily eating away in your favourite restaurant, you are most likely to be oblivious to the food hygiene laws that are in place surrounding food preparation. These rules are pretty onerous – involving set timings and processes, strict rules on the labelling of food, and hefty amounts of paperwork and recordkeeping.

As such, we’re happy to say that we are following all food safety regulations, and now have the rating to prove it!

So next time you’re eating in Thyme Out, or enjoying catering prepared by our hard-working team of chefs, you can rest assured that your food has been prepared in the highest standard of cooking environments. Happy eating!!

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